How to Watch 2000 Movies on Netflix

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix’s library, only to end up watching the same old movies and TV shows? Well, what if we told you there are over 2000 movies available to watch on Netflix right now? That’s right, two thousand! But how do you find them all? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to discover and watch all the hidden gems on Netflix. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s get started.

Use Netflix Categories to Your Advantage

Did you know that Netflix has hidden categories that are not visible on the main page? By using these categories, you can discover a plethora of movies that you might not have known existed. For example, by typing “Action & Adventure” into your browser’s search bar followed by “/genre/1365”, you’ll be taken to a page filled with all the action and adventure movies on Netflix. Similarly, by replacing “1365” with other category codes, such as “7424” for “Classic Movies” or “5763” for “Documentaries,” you can easily access those specific categories.

Use Third-Party Websites

There are many third-party websites, such as Flixable and JustWatch, that can help you find the perfect movie to watch on Netflix. These websites allow you to filter by genre, release year, and even IMDb rating, making it easier to find something that fits your mood.

Check Out Netflix Originals Netflix

is constantly releasing new original movies and TV shows, and some of them are hidden gems. You can easily find these by searching for “Netflix Originals” in the search bar. Some of our favorite Netflix Original movies include “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” “Roma,” and “Mudbound.”

Use IMDb

IMDb is a great resource for finding movies to watch on Netflix. Simply search for a movie you enjoyed and scroll down to the “More Like This” section. Here, you’ll find a list of similar movies that are available to watch on Netflix.

Look for Hidden Gems

There are many hidden gems on Netflix that are not well-known. These movies may not have had a big marketing budget, but they are still worth watching. Some of our favorite hidden gems include “Blue Jay,” “Kodachrome,” and “The Fundamentals of Caring.”

Use Netflix’s Recommendations

Netflix’s recommendation algorithm is pretty accurate. By watching and rating movies and TV shows, Netflix will recommend similar titles that you might enjoy. Take advantage of this feature by rating movies you’ve watched and checking out Netflix’s recommendations.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit, are great for finding movie recommendations. Follow film critics and cinephiles on Twitter, or check out subreddits such as r/NetflixBestOf and r/MovieSuggestions for recommendations from other Netflix users.

Check Out International Movies

Netflix has a wide selection of international movies, including French, Korean, and Indian cinema. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore these movies. Some of our favorites include “Blue Is the Warmest Color,” “Train to Busan,” and “Ludo.”

Use Google Search

Finally, if all else fails, use Google search to find the perfect movie to watch on Netflix. You can use search terms such as “best movies on Netflix” or “movies to watch on Netflix” to find articles and blog posts with recommendations.

In conclusion, there are over 2000 movies available to watch on Netflix right now, and with these tips, you can easily discover and watch all the hidden gems that Netflix has to offer. By utilizing the categories, third-party websites, Netflix Originals, IMDb, hidden gems, recommendations, social media, international movies, and Google search, you’ll never run out of options for movie night. So, go ahead and explore the vast library of movies on Netflix and find your new favorite film. Happy streaming!