Tokyo Black Box Case 03 - The Sadistic Professor's Case Report

Tokyo Black Box Case 03 – The Sadistic Professor’s Case Report

Welcome to the intriguing world of Tokyo Black Box, where mysteries unfold, and secrets are exposed. In this case report, we delve into the enigmatic “Sadistic Professor’s Case.” Prepare yourself for a riveting tale filled with suspense, deceit, and unexpected twists.

The Mysterious Disappearance

The Sadistic Professor’s Case begins with the sudden and perplexing disappearance of Professor Hiroshi Takahashi, a renowned academic at Tokyo University. Known for his unorthodox teaching methods and stern demeanor, Professor Takahashi was a prominent figure in the academic community. One day, he vanished without a trace, leaving his colleagues and students bewildered.

Unraveling the Clues

As investigators started looking into the case, they found a series of cryptic clues scattered around the professor’s office. These clues seemed to be carefully planted to lead anyone trying to solve the mystery into a complex web of riddles. With no clear starting point, the investigation took an even more mysterious turn.

The Black Box Connection

Amid the baffling clues, one object stood out – a peculiar black box found on Professor Takahashi’s desk. Dubbed the “Tokyo Black Box,” this enigmatic device appeared to hold the key to the professor’s disappearance. The box was covered in strange symbols and seemed to emit an eerie aura, adding an air of paranormal intrigue to the investigation.

The Haunting Surveillance Footage

Surveillance cameras outside Professor Takahashi’s office provided another puzzling piece to the puzzle. The footage revealed that the professor was the last person to leave the office on the day of his disappearance. However, no one entered or left the office after him, leaving investigators dumbfounded.

The Sadistic Professor’s Dark Past

As the investigation deepened, a darker side of Professor Takahashi’s life emerged. Unbeknownst to many, he had a troubled past involving rumors of manipulating students and colleagues for personal gain. Some alleged that he had connections with underground organizations, adding a layer of suspicion to his sudden vanishing act.

The Enigmatic Note

Within the black box, investigators discovered a small piece of parchment with cryptic writing. The note seemed to contain a hidden message, but deciphering it proved to be an arduous task. The characters appeared ancient, leading researchers to suspect a connection to secret societies or arcane knowledge.

A Secret Room Unveiled

Following the note’s trail, investigators discovered a hidden room beneath the university’s library. This concealed chamber was filled with ancient books, artifacts, and peculiar instruments. It seemed Professor Takahashi was involved in something far more complex than anyone could have imagined.

The Perplexing Ritual

Among the ancient artifacts, investigators stumbled upon references to a ritual that could allegedly grant immense power to those who performed it. The ritual was rumored to involve sacrifices and unorthodox practices. As fear and anticipation grew, the question arose: did the professor attempt this forbidden ritual?

The Mind-Bending Twist

As investigators pursued the leads, a shocking revelation emerged. The professor’s disappearance was an elaborate scheme orchestrated by none other than Professor Takahashi himself. He had staged his vanishing act to test the investigative prowess of his students and colleagues.

The Professor’s Explanation

Before he was apprehended, Professor Takahashi provided an explanation for his actions. He believed that his students and colleagues had grown complacent and lacked the critical thinking skills necessary for academia. He saw this elaborate ruse as an opportunity to challenge and inspire them to think beyond conventional boundaries.


The Sadistic Professor’s Case is a perplexing tale of mystery and deception that captivated the academic world. From the enigmatic black box to the hidden room of ancient artifacts, the journey to solve this puzzle was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Professor Takahashi’s elaborate plan was not only an escape from the monotony of everyday life but also a transformative experience for everyone involved.