do fire extinguishers expire

Do Fire Extinguishers Expire? Everything You Need to Know

Do fire extinguishers expire? This is a question that we are sure all of us have asked at one time or another. When you are required to have multiple fire extinguishers in your business, it is vital to make sure that they are in working condition.

It is a good idea to stay on top of their maintenance and check the pressure regularly. If you plan to keep your fire extinguishers on site for longer than a year, you will want to make sure they are professionally inspected before use.

Read on to learn when fire extinguishers expire and how to ensure yours is in good condition.

Fire Extinguisher Expiration Date Mean

Fire extinguishers can become less effective over time due to wear and tear from weather exposure. If a fire extinguisher is too old, it may not discharge properly when needed.

After the expiration date, the performance of the home fire extinguisher cannot be guaranteed and should not be relied upon to extinguish a fire. It can vary depending on fire extinguisher types and sizes. Typically, the expiration date of a fire extinguisher is every 5-12 years.

Risks of Using an Expired Fire Extinguisher

It may be unable to effectively put out a fire, resulting in property destruction, injury, or death. An expired fire extinguisher can have weakened sealants that could cause the valve to leak when used, exposing users to dangerous chemicals.

There is also a potential for an explosion due to the pressure built up in the extinguisher. Using an expired fire extinguisher should always be avoided since the risks far outweigh any possible benefit.

Check Your Fire Extinguisher’s Expiration Date

Checking the expiration date is an easy process and should be done at least once a year. Locate the fire extinguisher label, typically located on the cylinder near the handle.

The label should list the manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, and expiration date. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is within its expiration date, as expired fire extinguishers are no longer considered in working condition.

Check that the pressure gauge indicates that the extinguisher is properly charged. Unused fire extinguishers should also be checked for corrosion or physical damage. If any of these are present, the fire extinguisher should be replaced immediately.

Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher Services

Ensure your fire extinguisher service is reliable, experienced, and up-to-date on the latest technologies. Research the service to select one who can provide satisfactory service. Ensure that the service is certified and authorized to provide services.

It is always a good idea to look for any reviews and ratings related to the service. Ensure that the company provides guarantees and warranties for their services. You can visit, as they offer fire extinguisher inspection, recharge, and replacement services.

Answering the Question: Do Fire Extinguishers Expire?

Fire extinguishers should be tested annually and serviced as needed to ensure their full effectiveness. To answer the question, ‘Do fire extinguishers expire?’ Fire extinguishers do expire and must be replaced at their designated time.

Utilizing these guidelines will help ensure the safety of any facility. If you have questions about fire extinguishers, be sure to contact a professional for help.

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