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Dedicated Windows Servers: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

Windows Server has stood the test of time as one of the best business servers. Reports show that Windows web server software IIS still makes up 5.4% of all web servers. A Windows server can offer everything you need if you require Windows for your applications.

If you’re shopping for dedicated Windows servers, there are some vital things to consider before making your choice. Below are five tips that will help you find the best dedicated Windows server for your needs.

  1. Determine Your Performance Requirements

Some applications of Microsoft Windows servers don’t require many requirements. You may only need a basic web server to host a web page. The most you’ll need is the space for files and bandwidth to serve web traffic.

But if you have more resource-intensive applications, that will change. Determine the resources needed to run everything and find a server provider that meets that demand.

  1. Consider Uptime Guarantees

You’ll rely on your Microsoft Windows server to be on at all times to ensure reliability. Every second it’s down is lost productivity. And in the worst case, you’ll lose money because of that loss.

Look for any uptime guarantees from your server provider. Reputable providers are willing to guarantee uptime outside of scheduled maintenance. If your server does go down, you should know about it beforehand so you can plan around it.

  1. Verify Server Software

In some cases, you have specific software requirements for the apps you use. For instance, some software may require a specific server version, such as Windows Server 2019. This means you’ll need to shop for Windows Server 2019 options for your needs.

Look at the options offered by your server providers. Many will offer customers several operating system versions and pre-installed software to accommodate their unique needs.

  1. Consider Scalability

Even if you have a server with enough resources today, things may change in the future. You may add new applications that require more bandwidth or storage space. You may struggle to grow if you can’t easily scale your resources.

Many server companies offer easy scaling options. Verify your ability to set resource usage and transfer your current server to your new environment.

  1. Security Features

With the growing number of security incidents, security is a big concern for Windows Server owners. Many tools are available to protect your server, but if you don’t spend time implementing them, you open yourself up to hacks.

Windows Server providers can offer these tools and help set them up. You can limit administrator logins to specific locations, only allow SSH connections, and use other security procedures.

Shop for Dedicated Windows Servers Today

Shopping for Windows servers is one of the most important things you will do. Your server will house vital business data, keep applications running, and expose your applications to the world. Making the wrong choice means being unable to fulfill demand and suffering business losses.

That’s why you must do your due diligence when looking for dedicated Windows servers. Use the tips above to find Microsoft Windows servers that meet your business needs.

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