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Can You Have Solar Installed if You Live in an Apartment Complex?

Have you ever wondered if you can have solar panels installed if you live in an apartment complex? It’s a question you may not think to ask if it’s your first instinct to say no. However, it isn’t rare, or even something new, for those living in apartment complexes to request solar services.

Doing so comes with many possible advantages and considerations. Yet, you may be hesitant to make the request, which is understandable. Fortunately, with a bit of know-how, plus a thorough look into the matter, you too can say yes!

See below for everything you need to know about having solar panels installed if you live in an apartment complex.

What Is Apartment Complex

An apartment complex is a large building that contains multiple individual living units. These units are typically rental apartments but can also be condos, townhouses, or other types of residential property.

There are usually parts of a larger complex that typically includes shared amenities and services such as gyms, swimming pools, and parking lots. There are often centrally located in cities and towns, providing easy access to local transportation and amenities.

Factors to Consider for Solar Installations in Apartment Complexes

There is a number of important factors that should be taken into account. Here are some:


Solar installation is an expensive, upfront investment, and much of the cost is typically shouldered by the apartment complex itself. For major savings, energy companies may offer financial incentives, such as tax credits, and subsidies that can help offset the cost of solar installation.

This should also consider government mandates that reward or require the use of green energy sources. It is also worth looking into financing, leasing, and power purchase agreements, which can help with the cost by spreading payments out over time.

Check With the Apartment Management

It is important to first check with the management of the building. An apartment complex may not have sufficient roof space or the right type of installation regulations in place to take advantage of solar power. It may need to provide additional insurance and maintenance agreements to properly install a solar panel system.

It is important to discuss the possible changes that may be necessary for installation and how those changes will impact the residents. It is also important to address any potential hazards that may be caused by the presence of a solar panel system.

Shared or Community Solar

Shared or community solar, also known as solar gardens, are a great way to save on energy costs while also helping to reduce your community’s carbon footprint. These solar arrangements allow apartment dwellers to access a portion of the solar energy produced by a solar panel array installed near the community.

This can be done through a solar subscription to a local utility that provides electricity from the shared solar array. The benefit of community solar is that it provides an option for apartment dwellers who are unable to install solar on their individual homes due to roof regulations or other factors.

Portable Solar Solutions

Portable solar solutions provide a way to get the advantages of solar power without having to install permanent fixtures. This provides flexibility to apartment complexes, while also meeting the needs of tenants who may want to use renewable energy sources. Tenants will have the option to switch providers or move to a new location if they are unhappy or if their needs change.

Portable solar solutions also have a smaller environmental impact than conventional solar installations due to their mobile nature. Furthermore, they require a lower financial outlay upfront and could also be used to lower common area utility bills.

Off-Site Solar Subscriptions

When it comes to considering solar installations for apartment complexes, off-site solar subscriptions are a great option. This type of renewable energy installation means that neighbors:

  • who rent and lease
  • own the adjacent property

They can sign up to receive energy from solar energy producers even if the panels by the complex are not directly connected to their residence. The individual energy needs of each apartment, as will determine the best solar panel installation option for the complex.

Community Solar Projects

The regulations of the local jurisdiction, the different ownership arrangements for the project, the available incentives or subsidies, the size of the system, and the positioning of the panels all have an impact on the project’s overall feasibility. Other important considerations include who will assume the responsibility of:

  • maintenance and monitoring of the system
  • cost-sharing arrangements of stakeholders
  • potential long-term risks
  • opportunities associated with the project
  • ownership structures produced

Communal projects can be a great alternative for apartment complexes to reduce energy costs while ensuring a positive environmental impact.

Financing Option

Financing options can help bring solar energy to renters in the form of such options as solar leases and solar power purchase agreements. Renters don’t necessarily need a large up-front investment to take advantage of solar for their apartments. Solar leases and PPAs are set up so that the solar company installs the equipment at no cost, maintains it, and collects payments from the tenants for the solar energy consumed.

This way, tenants will benefit from the lower electricity costs that come with offsetting their energy consumption with clean, sustainable solar energy without paying the full cost of the expenditure or having to worry about maintenance.

Can You Have Solar Installed if You Live in an Apartment Complex?

Yes, you can have solar installed even if you live in an apartment complex. With the right solar plan tailored to your specific needs, you can take advantage of clean and affordable power without ever leaving your home.

Contact your local solar company to find out what options are available to you. Go here to get a reliable and experienced solar panel installer who will provide excellent services.

Get Your Solar Installation Today

Living in an apartment complex should not prevent you from installing and benefiting from solar energy. With a little more research and effort, you can still enjoy the benefits of solar energy even when living in a multifamily residential building. To learn more about solar energy for apartment buildings, talk to a local solar energy installer for more information on what options are available for you.

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