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5 Tips to Reduce Onboarding Paperwork for New Employees

This may be 2023, but employees still have to spend their first days with a company in endless paperwork.

With so many forms they have to sign, so much information they have to give, and so many records they need to update, onboarding paperwork can be a taxing experience for new hires. This is especially true if they’re part of a large or international hiring pool.

What can you do about it? How can you make the onboarding process easier for both you and your employees?

Here are the top tips to use when you want to reduce onboarding paperwork for new employees.

  1. Utilizing Digital Forms Technology

Companies can benefit from removing unnecessary paperwork by introducing digital forms such as:

  • basic data forms
  • signature forms
  • background or work history forms

Instead of signing physical paper forms that can be lost or destroyed in transit, digital forms can be sent electronically for quick completion. By utilizing digital forms, companies can improve accuracy and reduce potential risks while still adhering to local and federal laws that strictly govern these processes.

  1. Utilizing Employee Self-Service Features

Using employee self-service features is one of the best ways to cut down on the paperwork that new workers have to fill out when they start working. This could be a platform for new employees to sign up or a way to sign documents online.

With a web portal, new hires can fill out their paperwork and provide business-specific information at the same time. With an electronic signature option, you can digitally sign any agreement, contract, waiver, or other documents.

  1. Outsourcing Document Management

Outsourcing document management helps to automate the onboarding process from start to finish when hiring new employees. Companies no longer have to worry about the time-consuming task of manually filling out and collecting physical onboarding paperwork from employees.

Businesses can configure a digital onboarding and document solution if you visit this link streamlines the entire process. Outsourcing document management helps expedite the onboarding process by providing benefits to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed before the new hire’s start date.

  1. Automating Background Checks

Automated background checks can save your business time and money while adding an extra layer of security. With automated background checks, you can quickly:

  • verify a candidate’s identity
  • residence
  • work experience
  • education
  • criminal history

Automation reduces the risk of errors that could be potentially missed when manually reviewing paperwork.

  1. Streamlining the Approval Process

Streamlining the approval process is the best way to cut down on the paperwork new workers have to fill out when they start working. Setting up an electronic workflow system, which simplifies the different steps needed to finish the onboarding process, is one way to do this.

Training your current staff on how to use the system and what workflow processes to follow can save time because workers won’t have to figure out how to use the system on their own. Automating reminders for future approvals and ways to track progress along the way can help make sure documents get to the right departments quickly.

Ditch Onboarding Paperwork and Embrace Technology

By reducing onboarding paperwork, new employees can be welcomed faster and with less stress. Implementing digital forms, shortening forms, and using eligibility forms can help reduce the paperwork to a minimum. Consider technological solutions for effective onboarding!

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