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5 NFT Investments You Should Consider for 2023

Do you want to diversify your portfolio with something more innovative? Are you considering investing in an alt-asset?

Niche assets, otherwise known as alt-assets, are becoming more prominent. More people consider investing in digital assets (also known as crypto-investment) due to the various benefits. Compared to digital assets, NFT investments are worth your while.

Read on to learn more about non-fungible tokens and how they work. This guide will help you understand the industry and learn how to invest in NFT projects. Also, find out what NFT investments you should consider in 2023.

  1. CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks, digital collectibles created in 2017, are a great option for investors looking for exposure to the rapidly growing NFT market. The collection includes 8-bit digital art featuring over 10,000 unique images of punks. Crypto art can be bought and traded like any other asset.

This has an ETH USD value of over 2 million. The early adopters who invested in a rare CryptoPunk have seen their value increase from $15 to thousands of dollars in some cases. The collection currently has a total supply of 10,008 crypto punks making it an extremely rare asset.

  1. Stepn

Stepn is an app that allows users to securely and transparently record, track, and reward health-oriented activities with blockchain-backed digital tokens. Tokens ownership stakes in real-world assets like fitness centers, health clubs, or gyms.

Moreover, it also gives investors access to a community that is passionate about health and well-being, offering numerous opportunities to capitalize on the growth of the fitness industry. Investments made into Stepn tokens could very well pay off with increased financial rewards and help fitness-centric enthusiasts achieve their goals in the future.

  1. Moonbirds

For those looking to invest in NFTs in 2023, Moonbirds should be considered. This unique asset, an ERC-721 token, provides the perfect blend of traditional digital asset investing and the collectible and rare assets of the NFT space.

What makes these NFTs so attractive is their limited availability. Moonbirds is actually a collection of 10,000 ETH NFTs that feature pixelated owl characters with different features and traits.

Also, no two NFTS are the same. The scarcity of these tokenized assets provides a high potential for capital appreciation.

  1. Silks

Silks is a blockchain game that makes use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for investments. NFTs help to create a variety of collectibles, artwork, and digital assets, which are all stored on a blockchain network. The game enables players to own a variety of items and generate profits from their transactions.

  1. Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is an innovative NFT investment opportunity. This project combines artwork with pet adoption, allowing anyone to purchase an NFT of an invisible friend that they can pet and grow. It offers investors a unique way to get creative and invest in an ever-evolving digital pet.

The NFT is backed by the game’s blockchain technology, making it an incredibly secure option for investors who endeavor to enter the NFT space. Additionally, the system facilitates online competitions, allowing owners to compete with each other for prizes.

Are You Ready to Go for NFT Investments?

2023 is sure to be an exciting time to consider investing in NFTs. They embody a unique form of ownership that is resistant to censorship, creates a lot of buzz, and opens up an entirely new world of investments. Research projects and companies that are related to the NFT space and potentially take advantage of this trend early.

Don’t wait any longer. Get into NFT investments and start exploring the possibilities!

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